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How To Avoid & Beat Cell Phone Tickets – Part 1

We’ve all needed to use our cell phones while driving. Whether it was to check our voicemail, call someone for directions or send a quick text message. Police Officers can easily spot this and won’t hesitate to give you a ticket for it.  Police Officers sometimes give cell phone tickets to people who are stopped in traffic while talking on their cell phones. That’s not even illegal! Other Police Officers will even give you a cell phone ticket for resting your hand against your ear. Cell phone tickets should be avoided at all costs since some states will now put demerit points on your license. Let’s avoid cell phone tickets in the first place by following these simple guidelines. Continue Reading…


How the police talk you out of taking reports

Imagine this…

You walk to you car in the morning to go to work.

As you open the door, you notice that one of your windows has been shattered and things in your car are scattered about.

You aren’t worried about anything valuable missing because you read and know not to keep valuable things in your car.

You then call 911 and the Police quickly arrive 2 hours later.

You tell the Police what happened and they convince you that a report is unnecessary right before driving away.

A police report number is generally needed if you’re making an insurance claim.

What if something had been stolen from your car?

That “unnecessary” report might have made the police aware of a particular crime pattern or trend in your neighborhood.

Reports don’t seem so unnecessary anymore, do they?

There are much more serious crimes where Police Officers try to convince you a report is unnecessary.

Let’s take a look at some common reports that the Police avoid from taking. Continue Reading…


How to Get a Ticket for Marijuana Instead of Getting Arrested

Weed, pot, plant, bud, Mary Jane, grass, herb, schwag, and reefer, call it what you want. The cops can smell it faster than a cup of coffee and a donut sitting in front of a fan. It’s important that we don’t confuse marijuana with other drugs, narcotics or controlled substances as different rules apply to each.

The main problem with marijuana is that it has such a strong and distinct smell. If you walk or drive past the cops with marijuana on you or in your car, they will probably smell it. This creates a problem because we’re now inviting cops to stop us when they otherwise would’ve thought we weren’t doing anything illegal.

There are some little things that can make big differences when it comes to getting caught with marijuana. We’re going to focus on the differences between getting a ticket and getting arrested. Continue Reading…


How Meter Maids Can Get You Arrested

We’ve all seen them lurking, creeping, hiding in the corners. Holding their little scanners in their hands keeping a close eye on those parking meters. And if that meter expires for more than a second you can bet they’ll be giving you a freshly printed ticket.

Side note: You’re allowed to park in a spot with a broken parking meter for one hour in New York City

Traffic agents have an extremely high quota so they quickly scurry about and scan the registration stickers on cars. This allows them to write multiple tickets in a short amount of time.

Traffic agents can be extremely unfair sometimes.

If you do happen to find your car being scanned Continue Reading…


Why You May Already Be In A Law Enforcement Database


You can still find yourself inside a law enforcement database without ever being arrested. This occurs through stop, question and frisk reports. These reports are supposed to be completed by cops when they, at the very least, temporarily detain a person for questioning. Let’s define frisking and searching as they are two very different things. Frisking is a running of the hands over the clothing, feeling for a weapon. Searching is the placing of hands inside pockets or other interior parts of clothing to determine if object felt while frisking is actually a weapon. Stop, question and frisk reports are generally filled out when cops reasonably suspect a person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime.  Just like ticket quotas, cops now have quotas for stop, question and frisk reports as well. They are required to produce far more tickets than stop, question and frisk reports. Stop, question and frisk reports are reviewed and entered into police databases.

Stop, question and frisk reports are extremely useful to detectives. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and the police stop you. They call you over to the car, ask you questions about where you live and where you’re going. They take your id for a few seconds, thank you and drive away. This is all information that would go in a stop, question and frisk report. Let’s say your a twenty-five year old male who’s wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap. This information is also entered in a stop, question and frisk report.

You think nothing of it because you haven’t committed a crime and maybe you were just on your way to the grocery store. But what if someone about your height and age wearing a t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap commits a crime in your neighborhood? I guarantee you that the stop, question and frisk report that was prepared for you earlier in the day will be reviewed. It may also become part of an investigation if the cops can’t find the person that committed the crime.

At this point, the cops can detain you and hold you as a suspect. If you are arrested for a crime someone else committed Continue Reading…




Let’s continue with a list of common items that people leave in plain view in their cars which practically begs thieves to break in and a short list of tasks to complete that will drastically reduce the chances of your car being stolen. Continue Reading…


How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen – Part 1


Auto break thieves range from career criminals to the bum on the corner that’s looking for a quick score.  Ultimately, the only way to protect your car from being broken into is to park it in your personal garage.  This isn’t feasible so we’re going to minimize the risk of having our cars broken into.

One of the most effective things you can do to prevent your car from being broken into is to Continue Reading…


How to Prevent Getting Ripped Off at the ATM Machine

Every day millions of people walk around with a small amount of cash in their pocket. Only when they desperately need more cash do they rush to the nearest ATM machine to make a withdrawal. Most people aren’t aware of many scams thieves are using to illegally obtain their debit/credit card information. A recent scam reported by FBI and law enforcement had thieves using over 130 different ATM machines in 49 cities worldwide within 30 minutes. The thieves were somehow able to bypass the $500 daily withdrawal limit that ATM machines have. This means they were able to withdraw cash until there was nothing left in the account. How much money did the thieves get away with?

9 million dollars

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to one of us by Continue Reading…


Why Legal Window Tints Will Get You Pulled Over


Nothing draws police attention to your car more than window tints. The first thing a cop looks for on your car are window tints. Most people think they’re obeying the law by having the legal amount of tint on their windows. The problem is that the police can still pull you over.

Remember, a cop doesn’t have to know for sure you did something, he has to think you did something. Tints draw negative attention to both you and your car. Tinted windows also put police officers on high alert as cars with window tints are very dangerous because the police cannot see inside of them. This will get you pulled over more often because it looks suspicious. Window tints also make it difficult to see while driving at night. Even if your car had original tints from the factory, Continue Reading…