Auto break thieves range from career criminals to the bum on the corner that’s looking for a quick score.  Ultimately, the only way to protect your car from being broken into is to park it in your personal garage.  This isn’t feasible so we’re going to minimize the risk of having our cars broken into.

One of the most effective things you can do to prevent your car from being broken into is to MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR DOORS.

Seems obvious right?

Well it’s not.

I respond to numerous jobs where there’s no sign of visible damage on the car and when I ask the victim if they locked the door they either have a “oh shit” face or say “of course I locked it…i think I did”.  Doors are left unlocked so frequently that the “career” auto break thieves don’t even need to break windows to get into your cars.  They simply walk alongside parked cars, pulling on the handles until lo and behold, they find the sucker’s car that left their door open.

The second most important precaution is to make sure you have a reliable alarm system.  Most thieves shake cars as they walk past them to see how sensitive the alarm is.  This is essential to thieves when they plan on putting your car on jacks and removing your tires.  I would definitely invest in a reliable alarm system that will prevent thieves from removing accessories and personal property from your car.

There’s another important concept that deals with keeping your vehicle safe.

If it don’t show, they won’t know.

Part 2 will include a list of common items that people leave in plain view in their cars which practically begs thieves to break in.