Have you ever been driving your car and gotten pulled over without knowing why?

How about walking down the street and getting questioned by the Police without knowing why?

Now how many of those times did you have a knife in your car or your pocket that you didn’t think twice about because it was less than 4 inches?

Did the Police arrest you during any of those stops?

If your answer is no then you should keep reading because you could’ve been arrested.Many people carry knives whether it be for work or protection.

A lot of us think they’re cool, which they are, and sometimes we carry them just for fun.

The problem is that we can easily be arrested just for having certain types of knives.

We don’t even have to hurt or threaten anyone with it.

I’d like to quickly point out that in most states, the length of the knives DOES NOT MATTER. There’s a common belief that any knife less than four inches long is legal. This is completely false. Both California and Florida have no mention of length in regards to carrying knives in public. However, California has laws regarding length when it comes to bringing knives into public buildings.

Let’s take a look at some common types of illegal knives.

The first one is a gravity knife. A gravity knife is a knife where the blade is released by a force of gravity and locks into place when released. Basically it’s a knife that you can extend with one hand and then lock into place by flicking your wrist. These knives are very popular and many people carry gravity knives that are less than four inches. As I’ve already covered, you can get arrested for having it.

The second type of knife is a pilum ballistic knife. A pilum ballistic knife is where the blade projects when a button is pushed. These are generally carried by the military and shouldn’t be confused with the next knife.

The switchblade knife is the third type. A switchblade is where a blade opens automatically when a button is pushed. Boxcutters fall into their own category, however, that doens’t mean a cop can’t charge you with having a switchblade knife.

The fourth knife is a dagger. A dagger is a long straight knife with a pointed end and double edged blade. Keep in mind, most kitchen or steak knives have double-edged blades and are considered daggers.

The last knife is a metal knuckle knife. A metal knuckle knife is a knife when opened, is both metal knuckles and a knife. When it is closed, it’s neither.

Be sure to check your local laws if you plan on carrying a knife. Some states require you to carry knives in a sheath clearly visible on your belt. Other states don’t require you to display your knife to the public by wearing it on your belt. Let’s make sure we don’t get mistaken for someone else by the Police and end up getting arrested for the knife we “thought” was legal to carry.

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