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Get Out of Tickets With This Simple Trick

The new year is upon us and sadly you’re not immune to tickets any more than you were last year.

We can avoid paying expensive tickets with this simple trick.

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How To Avoid & Beat Cell Phone Tickets – Part 2

Most states have increased the penalties for cell phone tickets. Some states will place penalty points on your drivers license while other states will make you pay hefty fines. Judges will sometimes impose the maximum penalty for people who have weak testimonies in court. Let’s avoid this by effectively testifying and fighting cell phone tickets in court. We can follow steps to avoid getting penalty points on our licenses with a fine or get the ticket dismissed entirely! Continue Reading…


How To Avoid & Beat Cell Phone Tickets – Part 1

We’ve all needed to use our cell phones while driving. Whether it was to check our voicemail, call someone for directions or send a quick text message. Police Officers can easily spot this and won’t hesitate to give you a ticket for it.  Police Officers sometimes give cell phone tickets to people who are stopped in traffic while talking on their cell phones. That’s not even illegal! Other Police Officers will even give you a cell phone ticket for resting your hand against your ear. Cell phone tickets should be avoided at all costs since some states will now put demerit points on your license. Let’s avoid cell phone tickets in the first place by following these simple guidelines. Continue Reading…


Why Legal Window Tints Will Get You Pulled Over


Nothing draws police attention to your car more than window tints. The first thing a cop looks for on your car are window tints. Most people think they’re obeying the law by having the legal amount of tint on their windows. The problem is that the police can still pull you over.

Remember, a cop doesn’t have to know for sure you did something, he has to think you did something. Tints draw negative attention to both you and your car. Tinted windows also put police officers on high alert as cars with window tints are very dangerous because the police cannot see inside of them. This will get you pulled over more often because it looks suspicious. Window tints also make it difficult to see while driving at night. Even if your car had original tints from the factory, Continue Reading…


How to Beat Traffic Tickets


Driving along and getting a ticket is the worse feeling. Most of us feel so frustrated we just throw the ticket in the glove compartment and drive away. This is exactly what we’re not going to do. When it comes to tickets, a judge has the final say, not the police officer. We’re going to stay calm and collected if we do happen to get a ticket.

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