Imagine this…

You walk to you car in the morning to go to work.

As you open the door, you notice that one of your windows has been shattered and things in your car are scattered about.

You aren’t worried about anything valuable missing because you read and know not to keep valuable things in your car.

You then call 911 and the Police quickly arrive 2 hours later.

You tell the Police what happened and they convince you that a report is unnecessary right before driving away.

A police report number is generally needed if you’re making an insurance claim.

What if something had been stolen from your car?

That “unnecessary” report might have made the police aware of a particular crime pattern or trend in your neighborhood.

Reports don’t seem so unnecessary anymore, do they?

There are much more serious crimes where Police Officers try to convince you a report is unnecessary.

Let’s take a look at some common reports that the Police avoid from taking. Continue Reading…