Get Out of Tickets With This Simple Trick

The new year is upon us and sadly you’re not immune to tickets any more than you were last year.

We can avoid paying expensive tickets with this simple trick.

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Got Questions? Ask Them Here

No Handcuffs has offered up plenty of information, but with different laws and changes there are bound to be questions. If you’ve got one, post it in the comments.


5 Ways Your iPhone Can Easily Be Stolen

“Apple Thefts Account For 1 In 7 New York City Crimes”

“In the early hours of Japan’s iPhone 5 release, thieves ran off with 191 phones awaiting customers at three different Apple retailers”

Do you own any Apple products? Do you ever look at your phone while waiting for the train? Or use the white Apple headphones?

Did you know that doing these things make you an easy target for thieves?

Keep reading for common techniques thieves use to steal iPhones so you don’t become a victim.

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No Handcuffs “WHAT TO DO WHEN” Infographic

The information from this infographic came from both personal and professional experience. There’s a lot of information on the subject that comes from one or two experiences. Sometimes the information comes from pure speculation. Would you trust someone that said “I was in a fight once before and here’s what I think you should do if you ever get into a fight…”?

It’s easy to have a plan before something ever happens. Remembering and applying that plan when something bad happens is a whole other story. That’s where this infographic comes in. It was designed to help you in those times of when you don’t know what to do first. Do you actually know what to do if you’re involved in a car accident? What should you do if you get pulled over? How about if you get arrested?

Click here to view the full infographic

I wouldn’t expect you to use about half a cartridge of ink printing this out. There’s a printable version designed for you to carry in your purse or wallet. It’s worth printing a few copies. Keep one in your car, give them to your friends and family, make paper airplanes from them. You will regret not doing it because you thought you would remember what to do. It’s easy to think “it would never happen to me.” Don’t get caught unprepared when it does happen.


What to do when your house gets broken into

You’d probably scream. Whether it be in shock or perhaps you’d scream the name of someone you think is home. Your first instinct would be to go inside and see if anything is missing, right? Or how about calling your loved one, children or relatives?

Did you know that doing any of those things is extremely dangerous?

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6 Things You Should Never Say to a Police Officer (that you think are ok)

Police Officers are generally overworked underpaid and overweight. They’re taught not to say certain phrases which include:

“Calm down”
“There’s nothing I can do to help you”
“You’re going to get a ticket if you keep this up”
“You’re going to get arrested if you keep this up”

Keep in mind, Police Officers are taught NOT to say any of the above phrases. There’s probably a good chance that you’ve heard at least one of them if you’ve ever dealt with the Police before. This is definitely a “two-way street” since there are phrases we shouldn’t say to the Police…but probably do any way. Continue Reading…


Beware of these Common Holiday Crimes

The holiday season has arrived. Most people would say this is best part of the year. Everyone seems to be more pleasant, cheerful and kinder than usual. The holidays also bring  something out in less fortunate people…desperation. Television has us believe that “criminals” or “thieves” are teenage males that have no families and no homes. And these crooks commit crimes wearing black hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses. What about someone with a family? It could even be someone who is fortunate enough to have a job during these harsh times. What if it was your neighbor? Continue Reading…


5 Painful Lessons From Occupy Wall Street That You Don’t Want to Learn

  • Scott Olsen standing at Occupy Wall Street – fractured skull
  • Kaylee Dedrick standing at Occupy Wall Street – pepper sprayed in the eyes
  • Protester standing in Oakland – struck by rubber bullets
  • Felix Rivera-Pitre marching with other protesters – grabbed from behind and punched in the face
  • Christina Gonzalez filming Occupy Wall Street – arrested

The “Occupy Wall Street” Protest is now entering its second month and has expanded worldwide into Boston, Hong Kong, London, Rome, and other cities. Like anything else, most people go into these activities thinking they know how things work just because they watch “law and order” and end up with mace in the face. What you don’t know can still hurt you.

Consider the Following

You’re standing by a police barricade and the crowd is cheering and chanting. As the crowd moves forward, they push you into the barricade and it falls down. You try to move back but there’s not enough room with the large amount of people behind you.

At this point, the Police can… Continue Reading…


Having a Knife Less Than 4 Inches Can Get You Arrested

Have you ever been driving your car and gotten pulled over without knowing why?

How about walking down the street and getting questioned by the Police without knowing why?

Now how many of those times did you have a knife in your car or your pocket that you didn’t think twice about because it was less than 4 inches?

Did the Police arrest you during any of those stops?

If your answer is no then you should keep reading because you could’ve been arrested. Continue Reading…


How To Avoid & Beat Cell Phone Tickets – Part 2

Most states have increased the penalties for cell phone tickets. Some states will place penalty points on your drivers license while other states will make you pay hefty fines. Judges will sometimes impose the maximum penalty for people who have weak testimonies in court. Let’s avoid this by effectively testifying and fighting cell phone tickets in court. We can follow steps to avoid getting penalty points on our licenses with a fine or get the ticket dismissed entirely! Continue Reading…